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About me

Hello My Name is Maggie and I'm addicted to fibre.

My love for the fibre arts started in my early teens when I learned how to crochet. I was hooked for many years, making all kinds of projects, from pillows to blankets and even had a love affair with making doilies. My mom is my biggest supporter of my love for fibre arts. Over the years she donated yarn, her time and encouragement. She always would ask are you ready to learn knitting? I always told her no as I loved to crochet so much and didn't think I could figure out how to hold 2 needles. 

Then one day when I was 35 and my second baby was less than a year old, I decided it was time to learn knitting. I always saw my mom knitting socks and had this overwhelming desire to learn how to knit socks. So I turned on Youtube and watched a few videos and knit a swatch. It was full of twisted stitches and dropped stitches but once I got into the grove it was easy. I was a knitter, and was hooked again.
My first project was.....wait for it......SOCKS! Thats right! My mom gifted me Lemon Blueberry Cake self striping sock yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks, and the needles I needed. My mom and Youtube helped me with the heel and toe decreases and everything in between. Viola! Socks! They may not be perfect but they are perfect for me.
Once I learned knitting I wanted to knit everything and forgot all about my love affair with crochet. Then one day while my mom was visiting, she brought with her a newly acquired top whorl spindle and some wool fibre. She said here I can't figure this out you try. Dammit! I was instantly hooked AGAIN! I then set out to learn everything I could about hand spinning.
My love affair with fibre arts is always moving in different directions but one thing stays the same, wool. I love the smell of it, the feel of it and the natural beauty of it. I love the whole process of processing raw wool from start to finish. 
I opened my shop in July of 2015 and now have been blessed with over 1000 sales! Thank you fibre community!
My shop means the world to me. I forget to eat and often don't sleep much because of it. I wouldn't have it any other way. Earlier this year my babies daddy and I decided to go our separate ways to have more peaceful lives for ourselves and our 3 children. I was worried that I might not be able to continue with my shop but so far we are managing great with the support of daddy. I still work from home full-time with the shop and juggle work around the kids. This often means late nights and most definatly early mornings to keep my love affair alive and well. I am so grateful to have my moms help from time to time with either my shop or with the kids. She always knows just when I need it.
My most recent venture is selling wholesale to a beautiful new shop that has opened in my amazing town of Thunder Bay, ON. Amy at Olives & Bananas has become a friend and supporter of my work. Her shop downtown is the most welcoming, easy going, kindest yarn and fibre shop ever. I look forward to spending many hours knitting and chatting and participating in workshops.
Find me on all social media and Ravelry as twistedmommyarn.
FireFlyFibreArts has a page on Facebook too!
Happy Crafting!