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Is Wool Ethical?

Maggie Erickson

Is WOOL ethical?

In light of the new Peta billboard featuring Alicia Silverstone in the nude which states "Leave wool behind" I was compelled once again to assure my customers that what they are promoting is a blanket statement. Their billboard should name individual farms that practice mulesling. Yes, there are some very cruel farms out there, and there are some videos that will shock you. It saddens me that people can be so cruel toward animals.

I have been sourcing my yarn and wool from the same place since starting this business in 2015. I have come to love and trust their family run business. I feel the need to inform my customers, so I posed this question to the head of operations:

Where does your wool come from and is it ethically sourced?


"Hi Maggie,

 I understand your concerns and the wool we purchase are from farms that treat their animals in an ethical way. Sheep do NOT undergo museling and the farmers take good care of the sheep. If the sheep were not treated and kept healthy, they would not be able to produce a good quality wool fiber. The sheep are from farms that range from 500 to 1,000 acres, so there is plenty of space for them to graze. The wool we receive are from sheep that don’t suffer from the 5 freedoms

Freedom from hunger or thirst

Freedom from discomfort

Freedom from pain, injury or disease

Freedom to express most normal behavior, and

Freedom from fear and distress

I have personally visited the farms we get the wool from and I have seen the shearing process. If any sheep are not treated in an ethical way, we would not deal with that farm.

 I hope the above is sufficient for you. If you require anything else, let me know.



 Zein Dawood"


There are lots of farms that really care about their livestock/pets. Know where it comes from before you buy. Thats what it should say on the billboard.


Maggie Erickson

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